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Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning services across Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Proper pruning can improve the safety, health and appearance of trees.

Common reasons for pruning include: removal of dead, dying, diseased, over crowded or hazardous branches. Tree Trimming / Pruning operations require skill in the placement of pruning cuts and technique.

Tree Pruning / Tree Trimming


Our professionals have the experience and training necessary to safely and efficiently prune and trim trees. Nurry Services has been servicing the tree trimming needs of Florida homeowners and businesses for many years.


There are four primary types of cuts made in tree trimming:


You should have your trees trimmed for three reasons: safety, tree health and tree appearance.

Tree trimming removes hazardous branches from your tree. This could include dead wood, diseased branches or overgrown canopies that present fall hazards and put property at risk.

Tree trimming also helps you maintain tree health. It’s important to remove or treat any disease that could spread to other trees, so you can avoid needing to have the tree removed completely. Likewise, thinning also allows more light penetration into the tree interior increasing the tree’s vigor and stability.

Finally, tree trimming can help guide the shape of your tree. An experienced arborist can help you plan how the tree shape develops over time.

It’s generally best to trim trees between late fall or early spring, when trees have entered their dormant stage. Trimming after new growth has started can hinder the tree’s growth potential for the year.

Of course, if your tree presents a risk to people or property due to damaged branches, it needs to be trimmed right away.

Palm trees do not follow the generally accepted time schedule above. The best time to trim palm trees is when they look like they need it to remove dead or dying fronds, flowers and fruits. Palm trees also deserve special attention prior to hurricane season to prevent unnecessary storm damage.

It’s generally not recommended, especially for mature trees. A few wrong cuts could leave your trees vulnerable to early decay or abnormal growth.

There is a strategic process to selecting which branches and cuts will best serve the healthy growth of your trees. A trained tree professional or certified arborist know exactly how to do this.

Additionally, large tree trimming can be dangerous and could cause bodily harm or property damage. Professionals are outfitted with the right tools, equipment and training to make the job safer, more efficient and to deliver a higher quality result.

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